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Just like you could already read on the homepage of Poker Free, we have a premium partnership with This supplier of free poker bankrolls is the best in the world, no question about it! This page will describe in detail what you can expect when becoming a member.

What is

Poker Free

Poker Free is a members based website where they’ll teach you how to learn the game of poker and become a profitable player. Every member who has gotten through the registration process will receive an initial free poker bankroll of $50. Unfortunately giving away free money attracts the worst kind of people, hence why there are several terms and conditions to obey before you actually qualify. You can read the most important of these below, so you are well prepared to get one of the free bankrolls.

The minute you set foot on the website you will notice that it isn’t a typical poker related website. The site has more than 3 million members, literary, whom generate more rake per month than some of the major online poker rooms. Being a member means you can take free poker classes, where you will learn to become better a step at the time. If you meet all conditions required you will also be able to benefit from a free starting bankroll, so that you can play and learn the game of poker free, but really playing for stone cold cash. terms & conditions

The first thing you will need to do is creating a account. Initially, your new membership will be validated through the given e-mail address upon registration.

You will be presented the official poker quiz, the minute you accordingly validate your account. The quiz consist out of 20 different questions whom related to bankroll management, and Short Stack Strategy (SSS), the principal poker strategy they will teach you to become a winning poker player. Fortunately, each member will be granted access to a library containing articles about these subjects. You are even allowed to search the answers while making the quiz. Everybody, including you, has a total of 5 attempts to finish the quiz successfully. implemented this quiz to separate the men from the douche bags, or the skilled players from the fish. The ones who still don’t get it at this point, really, they won’t make any money, and they’d be better of playing some online bingo, or whatever game of chance.

After passing the poker quiz, you will need to choose yourself an online poker room. This will eventually be the place where you will play poker free. It goes without saying that you can’t have an existing account at the poker room of your choice. Fortunately though, has numerous of online poker rooms to choose from, surely one or two where you haven’t previously opened a player account. I have specified the online poker rooms where offer a free online poker bankroll below.

Last but most important is the verification process. This is a mandatory step that needs to take to prevent fraud, because giving away free poker money attracts the worst kind of people (rats) you can think off. Well, verifying your account can go two ways; by uploading a copy (scan) of an official identification document (containing a photo, so an ID card, a passport or a drivers license), and/or via a text message send to your mobile phone (this will be a unique code that needs to be filled in to enable your account).

If you think is scamming you, that’s your choice. Or maybe it calms you down when you hear that they are an internationally operating with more than 500 employees (coaches. writers, etc. etc.). Their actual profit is a share of the rake generated by the players they’ve referred, i.e. the players they have rewarded a free bankroll and taught to play the game of poker profitable. I suggest you visit their website if you want to learn more about the company behind You can find links to their business model, their terms and conditions, and their privacy policy in the footer of any page. Finally, you will have to decide yourself whether you trust them or think they are a scam.

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